We'll "fetch" what you need!


See Spot Run and Fetch was founded out of a desire to support busy people, new parents, business owners, career-driven folks, retirees, overworked and overwhelmed people, individuals with health problems, and those that have "to-do" lists full of things that they don't enjoy. Even finding the right pet professional can be as hard as finding the right daycare for your child.

See Spot Run and Fetch combines all of your daily needs into one easy to use site. We have professionals who can care for and/or walk your pets, who can run those errands that you just can't get to, or even help you with virtual secretarial services. We take the stress out of your life. We can tackle your time consuming tasks and take care of your four-legged "children"; freeing up your time to focus on the things that are most important to you. We will help you take control of your busy day so that you can always find time to sit back and relax.